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    Working atmosphere

    Our working style is vigorous, rigorous and efficient;
    Our employees are hardworking, motivated and have a sense of responsibility;
    Our employees are pragmatic, not false, and good at denying and summarizing themselves;
    We recommend that new employees have the spirit of returning to zero and quickly integrate into the new working environment;
    For new employees, we will help them understand their job responsibilities as soon as possible and familiarize themselves with the work content;
    Our managers are very approachable, every employee can talk and laugh freely with them, and the labor-management relationship is extremely harmonious;
    We often provide explanations and trainings on medical regulations, business skills, professional knowledge, business etiquette, comprehensive qualities, outlook on life, and values for employees;


    Promotion space

    We uphold the principle of moral first and ability second, and provide a fair, just, open and transparent promotion platform;
    We believe that regardless of academic qualifications, experience and skills, we emphasize the need to work hard, teamwork and share the success and joy of work together. You must use sufficient energy and dedication to strive for the best performance and maximize your ability. All efforts and achievements will be paid accordingly. Leaders motivate employees by sharing knowledge and rewarding outstanding individuals, and strive to provide employees at all levels of the company with opportunities to demonstrate leadership.
    If you need more information about the working atmosphere and promotion space, please contact the ideal AD staff via email ad@www.ygxdc.cn