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    This is Impact. This is Innovation. This is Inspiration. This is Better Science.
    Start your early career in Vayuan. Learn about internship opportunities for college students and junior jobs for graduates.

    Experience Vayuan
    Our work covers the entire field of drug development, and the internship at Ideal is a useful supplement to classroom education. Whether you are studying for a bachelor's, master's, MBA, or doctoral degree, or just started working, welcome to learn how our internship environment can help you expand your network, increase exposure, and unlock new opportunities in the workplace 

    New ideas, unique projects

    You can play a role in promoting the progress of science and pharmacy and accumulate practical experience. We encourage you to challenge conventions and develop solutions in your project research and other work.In Vayuan you can:

    • Continuously enrich yourself under a flexible corporate culture
    • Establish cooperative relations and friendship with teams all over the world
    • Have a positive impact and play a role in promoting the progress of drug research and development
    • Use science and technology to carry out creative work in an aggressive environment

    Build contacts and witness growth

    During the internship, you will be able to achieve personal and professional development through various opportunities, including professional counseling, career development sharing, business development, and interaction with colleagues. 
    At every step of the progress, friendly and excellent colleagues will provide you with strong support. They are eager to share their knowledge and help you show outstanding potential.