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    Office environment:
    The office is clean and tidy, sunny and bright, and everyone is equal and classless open office, the decoration layout is vigorous and passionate;;

    Music office:
    We play relaxed and pleasant light music at work, which can relieve the work pressure of employees, and the working atmosphere is relaxed and pleasant;

    Rest recliner:
    We equip each employee with an ergonomic, 180-degree tiltable office chair (recliner); to ensure that employees have a pleasant lunch;

    Standing office:
    We provide each employee with an electric desk that can be raised and lowered (up to 1.2 meters), and employees can choose to stand or sit down to work;

    Healthy work:
    Do eye exercises at 10:30 in the morning on weekdays, inter-work exercises at 15:30 in the afternoon, and physical exercises at 17:40 every Friday;

    Delicious Chinese food:
    The canteen on the 14th and 15th floor of the office building provides a safe and delicious nutritious lunch (a subsidy of 20 yuan per meal on working days is paid together with the salary);

    Delicious snacks:
    We have provided employees with nutritious and delicious snacks such as nuts and biscuits for their hunger in the morning or afternoon;

    Self-made coffee:
    We have equipped our employees with coffee machines, coffee beans and ingredients, and employees can make coffee according to their preferences;

    Others and more:
    If you need more information about office environment and health care, please contact your ideal AD ADspecialist ad@www.ygxdc.cn