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    Job Responsibilities

    • Lead and manage the analysis team, guide the completion of product research and development project analysis, formulate project plans, and arrange personnel;
    • Supervise the implementation of the plan of the analysis team, and solve the difficulties and various problems encountered by the analysis team in the drug analysis work;
    • Write SOP and lead the team to strictly follow SOP implementation;
    • Review the development report of analytical methods, method verification plan and report, stability plan and report;
    • Cooperate with the application team to complete the registration of drug application materials;

    Job Requirements

    • Master's degree or above, major in chemistry, applied chemistry, pharmaceutical analysis and related fields, more than five years of work experience in chemical drug quality research and application, and rich experience in analytical method development;
    • Be able to independently formulate experimental plans for quality research and stability research, carry out quality research and stability research on new drugs and generic drugs, and be competent in writing and modifying CTD documents for new drug applications;
    • Have a high sense of responsibility for work, can withstand greater work pressure, have good communication, coordination and team management skills;

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