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    Working hours: Monday to Friday;
    Work and rest time: 8:30-12:00;13:00-17:30
    Vacation time: enjoy all national statutory holidays (paid) + 15 days of Spring Festival holiday (paid);
    Lunch at work: Chinese food will be eaten in the restaurant of the building on weekdays, and a 20 yuan subsidy for each meal will be paid together with salary;
    Entry medical examination: Please do the entry medical examination before reporting to work (fasting medical examination, personal ID card is required for physical examination);
    Bank account: Please apply for a Bank of China bank card for salary payment before entering the job, and submit the receipt to the AD specialist;
    Salary payment: Salary is credited to the employee’s personal Bank of China bank card account before the 12th (inclusive) of each month (it will be paid in advance during holidays);
    Labor contract: After completing the entry procedures, we will conduct a skill test and sign a labor contract (in duplicate) within three working days;
    Rules and regulations: After entering the company, you must read the company rules and regulations carefully. If you have better suggestions or different opinions, you can communicate with the AD commissioner;
    Others and more: If you need more pre-employment information, please contact our HR specialist by email ad@www.ygxdc.cn
    Information required for entry
    A The original and a copy of my ID card (front and back sides of the ID card are on the same side of A4 paper)
    B One copy of the original and photocopy of my valid residential address and household registration (home page and my page of the head of household)
    C A recent color one-inch photo of me, and a valid medical report within six months
    D Applicants with bachelor's, master's, and doctor's degrees are required to provide the original and one copy of the graduation certificate
    E If you have a bachelor's degree or above, please submit the original and 1 copy
    F One piece of certificate of academic qualifications from Xuexin.com for undergraduate or above (http://www.chsi.com.cn)
    G English Certificate: Level 4 is required for undergraduates, and the original and copy of Level 6 for masters
    H "Certificate of Resignation" or "Work Retirement Form" issued by the original unit and housing provident fund account number (status)
    I A licensed pharmacist or a professional title certificate or vocational qualification certificate, please provide the original and 1 copy
    J For laid-off workers, unemployment insurance, and government land acquisition in this city, it is necessary to provide proof of keeping social insurance with the original unit and materials that can prove information
    K If you are currently a student at school, you need to provide the original student ID and 1 copy