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    Salary and soft benefits

    Ideal to provide paid holidays. Complete social security, holiday bonuses, reimbursement of long-distance travel expenses for the Spring Festival, etc., to ensure compliance with national laws and regulations and culture, and continue to add more benefits to the best of our ability...…… 

    Social insurance: pay five social insurances and one housing fund;
    Working hours: Monday to Friday;
    Work and rest time: 8:30~12:0; 13:00~17:30;
    Vacation time: enjoy national statutory holidays (paid) + 15 days of Spring Festival holiday (paid);
    Free enjoyment: lunch on weekdays (20 yuan subsidy), coffee, tea break, physical examination (one year expiry);
    Salary composition: Basic salary + 13 salary + five insurances and one housing fund + quarterly performance appraisal bonus + annual performance appraisal bonus + annual red envelope (year-end reward) + Dragon Boat Festival red envelope + Mid-Autumn Festival red envelope + Spring Festival red envelope + wedding red envelope + wedding red envelope + other red envelopes + Salary increase on April 1st each year + Chinese meal subsidy on weekdays + Long-distance travel reimbursement for visiting relatives during Spring Festival + other benefits;
    Salary payment: If you need more information about remuneration packages and soft benefits, please contact our AD specialist ad@www.ygxdc.cn by email ;