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    In the future, we will also have a turnaround period for drug safety evaluation to support various drug safety evaluation studies. Toxicology studies can be performed in accordance with non-GLP or GLP standards (currently in the state of planning).

    Pharmacological Research

    Immunogenicity test Genetic toxicity test
    Toxicokinetics Toxicology test of new drug delivery technology (inhalation toxicity)
    Local toxicity test (hemolysis, allergy, irritation test) ADC safety evaluation
    Single dose toxicity test (rodent and non-rodent) Repeated administration toxicity test (rodent and non-rodent)
    Safety pharmacology test: central nervous system research, cardiovascular system (telemetry and non-telemetry technology for dogs and monkeys), respiratory system, hERG Reproductive toxicity test: fertility and early embryo development toxicity test (reproductive stage I), embryo-fetal development toxicity test (reproductive stage II)


    Toxicology Research

    In addition to common administration routes such as PO and IV, it is also planned to establish a characteristic evaluation platform:

    Inhalation Ophthalmological administration
    Sublingual administration Skin administration
    Evaluation of young animals Integrated evaluation technology for innovative biological drugs such as antibodies, vaccines, ADCs, CAR-T cell therapy, etc.