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    Jul. 1992 "China Huayuan Group Co., Ltd." was established in Pudong New Area, Shanghai;
    Mar. 2001 "Zhejiang Phoenix Chemical Co., Ltd." was moved to Pudong New Area, Shanghai, and was renamed "Shanghai Huayuan Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.";
    Mar. 2002 "China Chimopharma Ltd." was established in Pudong New Area, Shanghai;
    Sept. 2018 "Qingdao Vayuan Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd." was established in Qingdao High-tech Zone;
    Jan. 2019 The professional drug registration team officially runs;
    Jul. 2019 The professional drug import and export circulation enterprise officially operates;
    May 2020 Start and prepare to build R&D center and biomedical laboratory;
    Sept. 2020 "Shanghai Ideal Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd." injected capital to become a wholly-owned holding company (under environmental assessment);
    Sept. 2020 Changed its name to "Qingdao Ideal Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd." (under environmental assessment)