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    • "China Worldbest Group Co., Ltd (abbreviated as CWGC)" was established in Pudong New Area, Shanghai in July 1992, directly under the supervision of the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council, and reorganized into "China Resources (Group) Co., Ltd." in 2007. Its subsidiaries "Shanghai Huayuan Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd." and "Shanghai Hongqiao Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd." jointly invested and registered in Shanghai in April 2002 to establish "Shanghai Huayuan Pharmaceutical Technology Development Co., Ltd.".
    • "Qingdao Vayuan Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd." is a wholly-owned subsidiary of "China Chinopharma Ltd." established in September 2018. In September 2020, "Shanghai Ideal Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. [formerly China Crown Pharmaceutical Ltd.]" injected capital to transform it into a wholly-owned holding company, and renamed it "Qingdao Ideal Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd.", and the environmental evaluation is in progress.
    • Vayuan is committed to drug research and development, including raw materials, plant extracts, solid preparations, aerosols, injections, oral liquids, ointments, innovative drugs CMC, genotoxicity and element impurities, drug packaging materials, process components, method development, etc. Quality research and overall research.
    • Vayuan focuses on drug synthesis, formulations, quality analysis, drug packaging compatibility research, microbiology, standard physical and chemical testing, drug registration and application, and other comprehensive drug development and drug clinical trial research.
    • Vayuan's pre-clinical research on chemical drugs for drug registration, including the synthesis process of chemical drugs, extraction methods, physical and chemical properties and purity, dosage form selection, prescription screening, preparation process, inspection methods, quality indicators, stability, pharmacology, toxicity Physics, animal pharmacokinetics; and pre-clinical studies of biological products including bacterial strains, cell strains, biological tissues, starting material quality standards, storage conditions, genetic stability and immunology.
    • Vayuan currently has more than 30 professional drug registration personnel on duty. Drug registration applications include imported drug applications, new drug applications, drug applications with existing national standards, and supplementary applications. In accordance with the legal procedures of the State Drug Administration, we systematically evaluate the safety, effectiveness, and quality controllability of the drugs to be applied for drug registration to ensure the success of drug registration.