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    "China Worldbest Group Co., Ltd (abbreviated as CWGC)" is a state-owned holding limited liability company established in Shanghai Pudong New Area in July 1992. It is one of the important backbone enterprises directly under the supervision of the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council.
    Shanghai Huayuan Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. was one of the first batch of "old eight stocks" listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange on December 19, 1990. In November 1997, China Huayuan Group Co., Ltd. became the company's largest shareholder through equity transfer.

    Shanghai Hongqiao Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (www.shhqyy7600.com), formerly known as "Shanghai County Pharmaceutical Company", was founded in 1956, under the jurisdiction of Shanghai Hongqiao Traditional Chinese Medicine Decoction Pieces Co., Ltd. and its three branches, Shanghai Shanghong University Pharmacy Chain Co., Ltd. [(Www.shanghongdyf.com) has more than 200 chain stores], and three pharmaceutical wholesale distribution companies.

    Shanghai Huayuan Pharmaceutical Technology Development Co., Ltd. (www.csc.cn) is a scientific and technological enterprise focusing on pharmaceutical research and development, pharmaceutical technology, and application approval. As of the end of 2018, Shanghai Huayuan has successfully obtained 86 products of the Imported Drug Registration Certificate issued by the Drug Evaluation Center of the State Food and Drug Administration (hereinafter referred to as the Evaluation Center), and 69 products are waiting for approval in the evaluation center There are 227 varieties waiting to apply for registration with the review center. At present, it has signed cooperation agreements with more than 300 varieties of preparations, pharmaceutical raw materials, and pharmaceutical excipients with overseas pharmaceutical manufacturers such as Germany, France, Italy, the United Kingdom, and India.

    Shanghai Ideal Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (www.ccp.cn) was established in 1981. In 2016, it merged with Shanghai Aike Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. and moved from Jinshan District to Fengxian District. In November 2018, it passed GMP acceptance. There are currently 12 drug approval numbers, and the psychotropic drug Benbarbital (30mg) is undergoing generic drug consistency evaluation, and BE work has begun. In 2017, Jinshan Pharmaceutical's 3+3 and 3+6 drugs under development include 1 API and 20 preparations. In 2019, pilot production will begin successively. The liquid preparation for mental children approved in 2018 has been approved by the State Administration for pre-approval. In 2019, it was approved by the State Food and Drug Administration for the establishment of a first-class psychotropic drug experimental research project.

    Shanghai Huyuan Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (www.chimoph.com) was established in 2002. It is one of the first domestic pharmaceutical distribution companies to obtain GSP certification. It is also one of the two companies in Shanghai that has the right to operate Class II psychoactive raw materials. It has the "Pharmaceutical Business License" issued by the Shanghai Municipal Drug Administration and the "Pharmaceutical Business Quality Management Standard Certification Certificate". Its main business is the operation of imported chemical raw materials, preparations, pharmaceutical excipients and intermediates. At present, all 86 products in operation have "Imported Drug Registration Certificate". It has established cooperative relations with more than 1,000 domestic pharmaceutical manufacturers. Sales in 2018 reached 350 million yuan.